[heu-ris-tik, hyoo-ris-tik, yoo-ris-tik]


1. A method of discovery or understanding by self-education, usually through experimentation or trial and error.

The World is an amazing place and offers so many puzzles and surprises! I created this site to share my interests and what Nature has tought me. Over my life, I've had so many curiosoties and plunged head-first into every one with passion and unbridled enthusiasm. I wish I could have created this website as I explored each new endeavor, but computers and the Internet showed-up a bit late in my life to perform the function of a diary.

I am in the process of assembling content for a few of Nature's offerings which have given me the most pleasure in life. I am a working man and must squeeze into my busy life, the time to add content. And there is sooo much to add! Please visit often for this is a work in progress. Perhaps we may explore the World together.